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When designing in small spaces, every square inch is vital. Smaller rooms demand multi-purpose furniture that both saves space and adds style. To maximize precious space, try creating storage style seating. First, select a storage unit, such as a bookcase or a sturdy set of dressers as a base for a seating area. This will provide room to store any objects you want to keep out of sight, helping to prevent the overcrowding and clutter that will make a small space appear even more miniscule.

Once you have your sturdy storage base selected, measure out the surface area and choose an upholstery fabric to cover a cushion of the same size. Then choose pillow fabrics to add comfort, color and chic. we love options, and the Met sofa gives you plenty. With 27 modular and fixed elements, finding the sofa that fits your designing needs is easy. Because the sofa is available in a range of textiles and leathers in a multitude of colors, the fun doesn’t stop at form. Still want more options?

Complete the look with a few throw pillows in this modern fabric. Years ago, many of our mother’s chose drapery (sometimes with a swag or valance) you know, something to keep the sun off the furniture. The look was sometimes imposing and often felt dusty and heavy. Styles and needs change. Now when we think of window coverings, we often consider reducing UV rays, heat gain and filtering light. While those heavy lined draperies of the past can accomplish blocking the sun, they aren’t so effective at filtering light and helping with heat gain. Enter layering: UV window film at the base layered with solar shades and finished with a soft sheer curtain; clean and simple in appearance but efficient and flexible to the core. Yin and Yang, Hot and Cold, Black and White… contrast is interesting, it demands our attention. In these upholstery options from fabric seen, bold contrast is achieved in three entirely different ways: a weave, an organic floral and a pattern in pattern graphic. The black and white palette, more than any other, draws a common thread through otherwise unrelated design motifs Hand printed on linen pillow, was inspired by designer Suki Cheema’s travels through India.

The themes are drawn from Indian landscapes, city streets, buildings and the people. The smaller version of the pillow features hand embroidered details. Featuring the work of Swedish Designer Josef Frank, almost 50 years old when he fled Nazism in Austria for Sweden, where he became one of that nation’s most important designers. As a young man he was part of the modernism movement in Vienna. However, his brand of modernism was not in line with the likes of Le Corbusier. He favored a freer artistic aesthetic. Frank began working at Svenskt Tenn in 1934 and went on to produce over 2,000 furniture sketches and 160 textile designs.